Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Artist Talk: Lance Winn

Lance Winn’s talk was a delightful experience. Not only because he expressed humor and was very good at explaining concepts, but also due to his interesting artwork. I really liked most of his pieces and found myself eager to explore- as he does- with new techniques. One thing he said while discussing his work was that in his art he learns something by making it; he is not merely the producer. As a student I think this is something I can relate to greatly. But I also think that art, just like any other field, is something that one can and should constantly learn from. Another idea that came up multiple times was the tension between art and language. Some of my favorite pieces were the pieces where he used words and outlined them to make other forms in the middle based on the pressure of the paintbrush. This process transforms language into a form making the 2 dimensional three dimensional in some cases (e.g., Depression and Life on Mars).

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