Sunday, April 1, 2007

Site Installation Proposal

As I mentioned with my previous post, I am interested in using the dream catcher in my project to explore the psyche. To do this I have decided to make a large dream catcher that will be strung in the trees (using the living tree as the frame). The hole will be low and large
enough so people can step through it. Before they go through the dream catcher they will have paper that they can write or draw their negative thoughts and/or worries. They can then tie the paper to the webbing so it is "stuck" in the webbing and out of their minds. Then they step through and they are in a comfortable area. This area will have pillows and maybe a sleeping bag to prompt napping or just relaxing. There will also be music that is calming- I was thinking about possibly using Native American music. Also, I was thinking about putting a book inside to get feedback, or just for them to write what they thought or maybe even dreamed about while in the dream catcher.

Sketches coming momentarily....

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