Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Installation Art- Really BIG Slide

Carsten Höller, Test Site, 2006
I just wanted to say that not only does this look like super fun, but I really like the idea that not only would the person on the slide be able to view their surroundings and others reactions, but others would be able to see the participant. I think that this is an interesting way to transform the space. Being a huge slide, it is bound to be noticed by viewers and modify the space. It modifies the space by making it interactive, instead of the art exhibit being stand-offish (stand back and don't touch) and almost passive. Also, while the experience one gets from merely viewing art in a museum can be great, I feel like the experience one would get from this would be vastly different in that there is a certain tactile/physical attribute that goes with this piece and does not apply to others.

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