Monday, March 5, 2007

Installation Art

I kind of know what installation art is, but I definitely needed a refresher, so I went to Wikipedia for a quick definition before searching the web for examples. According to Wikipedia, installation art uses sculptural materials to influence the way the viewer experiences the space, whether it is public or private space or a temporary or permanent modification.

Searching the web I came across the work of Dan Flavin. The bright colors and interesting shapes caught my eyes. Here is one of his pieces (

I also came across the work of Ann Hamilton. There was a show called "At hand" where a large room became filled with white paper (printer-size). There were 6 machines that dropped the paper from the ceiling while a quiet voice spoke phrases (e.g., "a hand offers"). According to an article in the New York Times by Ken Johnson " the clicks, whirrs and sucking sounds of the machines, the pages fluttering to the floor and the voice interspersed with a low whistling sound all conspire to create an experience that is almost but not quite transporting" (

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